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December 11th: Kristina Schake, Former Communications Director for Michelle Obama
December 3rd: Micheal Allen on "Blinking Red: Crisis and Compromise in America Intelligence After 9/11"
November 22nd: "A Harsh Arab Winter from Maghreb to the Levant: Comparing the Struggle of Revolutionary Social Movements for Political Change in Tunisia and Syria",  A roundtable discussion
November 21st: Paul Schulte on "A Katyn massacre For the 21st-Century? What the Syrian Chemical Attack and Its Aftermath Reveal about the International System"
November 12th: Michael Rowan, Political Consultant
November 6th: Saulo Araujo on "From Food Security to Food Sovereignty"
November 5th: Screening and discussion of "Countdown to Zero"
November 5th: Micheal Allen: Rescheduled for early December
November 1st: Ryan D'Souza on "Ending Mass Atrocities: The Responsibility to Protect Today"
October 25th: The Sources of Putin's Support

A panel conversation with Profs. Joshua Tucker (NYU Politics), Stephen Cohen (NYU Russian and Slavic Studies) and Mark Galeotti (NYU Global Affairs).

Reception to follow

October 23rd: A Conversation with Justin Gillis, New York Times Environmental Science Reporter

Recommended readings: one, two, and three
October 22nd: John McLaughlin
October 18th: Research Paper Workshop
October 10th: Taxiarchis Sardellis on "The Great Power competition in the Mediterranean:  Strategic Implications"
October 9th: Miguel Carter on "The Landless Rural Workers  Movement, Democracy and the  Environmental Challenge in Brazil"
October 4th: PhD Applications Workshop
September 23rd: Kayvon Afshari on "Can Obama and Rouhani Make Peace? - Analyzing opportunities and constraints in a new strategic landscape"
September 20th: Research Paper Workshop
September 12th: Petrit Selimi on "Humanitarian Intervention in Kosovo and Syria"


May 13th: A Panel Discussion with Harry Kopp and Patricia Guy
April 29th: Bill Zimmerman on "Troublemaker- Media as Political Activism"
April 25th: Matthew Levitt on "Europe's Hezbollah Problem"
April 18th: Shehzad Qazi on "Countering Radicalization in Pakistan"
April 10th: Chris Shays on "Campaign and Leadership"
April 9th: The Decline of Russian-American Relations: Does the Reset Begin at Home?
April 9th:Francisco Panizza on “Financial Crises, Critical Junctures and the Roots of the “Two Lefts” in Argentina and Uruguay 2001-02”
April 4: Sonja Biserko
April 1: Ambassador Charles Ray on "Diplomacy in Action"
March 13: Gilead Sher: Israel, Palestine, and the Peace Process
March 4: John Tkacik on "Cross-cultural Negotiations - The Case of China"
March 1: Olli Heinonen on "IAEA Safeguards Inspections - The Challenge of Iran"
February 15: Kreshnik Spahiu on "Between Nationalism and the European Integration: The Western Balkans and the Albanian Question"
December 12th: Brad Bourland on "How the Saudi Arabian Economy Really Works"
November 27th: Bill Zimmerman on "Troublemaker- Media as Political Activism"
November 26th: Gregory Johnsen on "Yemen and Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Pennisula- Defanged or Not?"
November 19th: "Salafi" movie screening
November 16th: Taking Stock:Ten Years of AKP Rule in Turkey
November 16th: Brooke Gladstone on "Politics and Perspective in Journalism"
November 15th: Dr. Michaela C. Hertkorn on "The De-Construction of Europe: The European Debt Crisis and the Role of Perceptions"
November 14th: Ryan Miller on "How to get a job in the State Department"
November 8th: Simon Henderson on "Saudi Arabia: A new role in the Middle East"
October 29th: October 29th: Brad Bourland on "How the Saudi Arabian Economy Really Works"
October 24th: Ambassador Martin Erdmann on "Is NATO still part of our political DNA?"
October 19th: Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer
October 18th: John Russonello on “Polls don’t tell you WHO’s going to win – they tell you HOW to win!”
October 12th: Charles Freilich on "Zion's Dilemmas: How Israel Makes National Security Policy"
October 3rd: James Pettifer: The Kosova Liberation Army
September 28th: Andrew Lee on "Where to get sources and evidence for your MA thesis?"
September 20th: Rolf Mowatt-Larssen
September 14th: How to write a paper for graduate school
September 7th: Undergrad information session, 12-2pm in 19 W 4th St #212
September 6th: MA information session, 4-6pm in 19 W 4th St #217


June 2nd: The Albanians in Montenegro: History, Identity and Minority Politics in a New State

The 5th Annual AHC Graduate Student Conference on Political Economy: May 9th, 2012

The Fourth Annual NYU Undergraduate Student Conference on Political Economy: May 10th, 2012
April 25th: Julinda Qela.  How to Write a Resume and Prepare for an Interview
April 10th: Ambassador Pamela Smith.  On How Public Diplomacy Works
March 23: Arolda Elbasani.  Explaining Muslims’ Support for Democracy in Post-Communist Balkans
March 21: Victor Comras.  Flawed Diplomacy:  the United Nations and the War on Terrorism 
March 16: Edi Rama.  Democracy vs. Stability: Bold Proposals for an Albanian Renaissance
December 2nd: Theresa Williamson.  Expulsion in Democracy: Favelas, Eviction, and Gentrification in Rio de Janeiro
November 21st: Srdja Popovic.  A Bad Year for Bad Guys.
November 7th: Asle Toje.  In Turmoil, Will the European Union Fail?
November 4th: The Libya War 2011: The Implications for Transatlantic relations, CSDP, and the Future of NATO
October 25: Vlora Citaku.  The Importance of Kosovo as a Test of Joint European Foreign Policy.
October 21st: Javed Jabbar.  Combating Internal and External Terrorism: Will Pakistani Democracy and State Survive?
October 14th: Eric Miller.  The Inability of Peacekeeping to Address the Congolese-Rwandan Security Dilemma
October 14th: Tara Dickman, Soraya Khadir, Cedric Marechel. Exploring Diversity in France.
September 28th: Shehzad Qazi.  Understanding the Pakistani Taliban
September 20th: Enver Hoxhaj.  Kosova:State Building in a Challenging Environment
September 15th: Joshua Goldstein.  Winning the War on War: The Decline of Armed Conflict Worldwide


The 4th Annual AHC Graduate Student Conference on Political Economy

September 10th: Joseph Helman. Countering Terrorism 2010: Where Things Stand
September 22nd: Javed Jabbar.  Pakistan 2010 :  Internal dynamics, external fall-out, with special reference to Pak-US relations
September 24th: H.E. Skender Hyseni. The International Consolidation of Kosova’s Statehood: Practical Implications of the World Court Opinion
September 29th: 2010 Midterm Elections: Discussion Panel
October 12th: Francisco Panizza
October 18th: Michael Gerson
October 20th: Christopher Haid
October 22nd: Round Table Discussion on Afganistan
October 29th: Joseph Helman. Careers in National Security
December 1st: Dr. Fai. Kashmri Issue: Ground Realities, Indian Thinking & International Understanding
December 16th: Kathleen Imholz:  The Role of the International Community in Albania 1990-2010
February 2nd:  Professor Shlomo Aronson
February 18th: Joseph Helman:  The Middle East in 2011: Transition and Conflict
April 7th: Jolyon Howorth:  The Challenges of Post-Lisbon EU Common Security Defense Policy: Institutions, Capacity and Missions
April 8th: Joseph Helman:  "BREACH": Espionage and the Insider Threat: Hansen Case

May 10th: Christopher Haid:  Party Protection and Partisan Provocation:A model of Electoral Violence as Machine Politics AND Thomas Brambor: The Effects of Resource Royalties: Evidence from Brazilian Municipalities


May 5th: Alexander Hamilton Undergraduate Conference
May 6th: Alexander Hamilton Graduate Conference
April 28th: Jeffrey Sommers & Jānis Bērziņš: Twenty years lost The development of underdevelopment in Latvia.
April 23rd: Daniel Kurtzer: The Obama Administration and the PeaceProcess: Time to Push the Reset Button?
March 31st: Joseph Helman. Intelligence Reform:Progress and Challenges
March 26th: Anna Dilellio
March 24th: Guido Tintori.  Italy's Diaspora Politics as a Challenge to theNation-State
March 11:  James Pettifer: Kosova- Independence and New Institutions
March 5th: Lieutenant General Mulholland on The Future of War and Security
February 24th: James Capretta:  Healthcare- What Happened and What's Next?
February 18th: Dr. Meir Litvak: The Hidden Agenda - Iran as a Rising Regional Power
January 29th: Joseph Helman: Careers in National Security
December 8th: Turkey: "Peace at Home/Peace Abroad"
December 1st: Peter Molnar, Andrew Arato and Shinasi Rama: 20 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall
November 20th: Joseph Helman The Middle East: Looking Ahead to 2010
November 13th: Rolf Mowatt Larsen on The Global War on Terrorism: Rectifying a Failure of Imagination
November 9th: Jacqueline Shire on Nuclear Proliferation and Terrorism
November 6th: William Tobey on Stemming Nuclear Terrorism and Proliferation
October 27th: One Night: Two Experts on the Balkans
           Tim Judah on Welcome to the Yugosphere: Good news from the former Yugoslavia
           Erion Veliaj on Albania at a Crossroads: Struggling with corruption and elections as it bids for EU entry
October 15th: Kate Baldwin on  Big Men and Ballots: Experimental Evidence on the Political Power of Patrons
October 1st: Frank Pearl on Reintegration in Colombia: Peace, Reconciliation and Development
October 1st: AHC Information session
September 22nd: Boris Kagarlitsky on RUSSIAN "MANAGED DEMOCRACY AND GLOBAL CRISIS"
September 11th: MA Lecture Series


May 7th: The 1st Annual AHC Undergraduate Student Conference on Political Economy
May 8th: The 2nd Annual AHC Graduate Student Conference on Political Economy
April 27th: Jonathan Weiler speaks on Authoritarianism and the American Political Divide 
April 22nd: Information Session for BA/MA Program and Alexander Hamilton Center
April 21st: Dr. Yarden Fanta-Vagenshtein and Ethiopian Jewish Immigrants to Israel
April 6th: Killing With Kindness by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita
March 25th: Jennifer Lind on her book States: Apologies in International Politics
March 11th: Hamilton Certificate Information Session
March 4th: Kevin Davis, Former CEO of MFGlobal Ltd on Government Involvement in Wall St.
March 1st: A CALL FOR PAPERS for the 2nd Graduate Student Conference on Political Economy
February 27th: Dr. Kris Peeters, Minister President of Flanders on The Role of Regions in the EU
February 20th: Dr. Charles Freilich: The US, Isreal and Iranian Nuclear Program in Iraq
January 30th: Qubad Talabany on the Future of Iraq
December 2nd: What We Learned from Election 2008
November 30th: HISTORY CHANNEL PRESENTS: Next Nostradamus
October 28th: Election 2008 Round Table Discussion
October 22nd: Information Session on Alexander Hamilton Center Certificate Program
October 15th:  The New Regionalism and Policy Interdependence
September 17th: AHC Certificate Program Information Session
August 22-23:   The Economics and Politics of Institutional Change
September 10th: Reception for Admitted Students to the AHC Certificate Program


May 9th:   The 1st Graduate Student Conference on Political Economy
April 2nd:   Information Session on Alexander Hamilton Center Certificate Program
April 24th:   Information Session on Alexander Hamilton Center Certificate Program